Come join the famous Bucktails!

Company I are always on the lookout for new recruits so if you are interested in joining why not drop by our camp at one of our events or send us an email to We understand that you will probably have loads of questions, especially if you have never done any re-enacting before, so here we have tried to answer the more frequently asked questions but if there’s anything else you need to know just ask.

How old do I need to be to join?

18, however anyone under 18 can join if they join with an adult.

How old do I need to be to participate in the battles?

You must be at least 14 to join in the battles. You must also hold a shot gun certificate and a black power license before you can fire but there are other jobs you can do before you get a license such as flag bearer or medic. Or simply come on as a non firer, which means you get to carry a musket but without any black power.

Do you allow female members?

Yes, we currently have several wives, girlfriends and daughters in our numbers. We also allow female members to join in the firing line if they wish.

Can I try it before committing long term or spending a lot of money?

Yes, we are more that happy for people to come along to one of our events to see if they enjoy it or not. We can lend potential recruits a tent, uniform, etc.. The only cost, apart from the obvious like getting there, food, etc., is you will need to pay the Soskan guest fee for the event, which is mainly to cover insurance. See for details.

Do I have to camp authentically?

No, all Soskan events have a “modern” camp so you can bring plastic tents, caravans, camper vans, etc… Although we prefer members to camp in the authentic camp.

I come for a event and really hate it do I have to stay of can I just pack up and go home?

Yes, although at some events there are restriction on getting cars on to the site before the event is over.

Do you camp totally authentically?

No, Modern sleeping bags and even camp beds are normal.

Do you expect members to come to every event?

No, we all have other commitments so virtually no one makes it to every every event. We like people to turn up as often as they can but we have no hard and fast rules on attendance.

If I decide to join, how much does it cost?

We are members of Soskan so you will have to pay the current Soskan membership fee, see for details. Plus there is an annual regimental subscription of £10 per member.

How much does a uniform and other equipment cost?

If you were to buy a brand new, off the peg, uniform it would cost around £500, a new musket costs about £220 and a tent about the same. However, nobody buys all new equipment straight away, if ever, so the cost can be considerably less than half this. Also we don’t expect people to be fully equipped at their first few events, or even in their first year, and borrowing kit is not usually a problem. The other point is that once you have all your kit it lasts for years so although the first year may be a bit expensive in subsequent years you will have a hobby that is comparatively very cheap. For new kit see and for second had kit go to the Soskan Facebook site or see the Soskan forum

Isn’t it dangerous?

Potentially yes, but safety is of paramount importance and in reality accidents, even minor ones, are extremely rare.

If I join what training will I get?

All new recruits who wish to join in the battles will receive musket training and will not be allowed to participate in battles until we are satisfied that they are competent, even if they have the required licenses. Safety is of paramount importance. Drill instruction will also be provided as this not only teaches you how to march and perform manoeuvres (so we look good in front of the public) but is also importance for safety as it teaches you how to position yourself on the battle field and how to follow firing instructions.

What licenses do I need to fire a musket?

You need a shot gun certificate and black power license to fire a musket. Application forms (Firearms form 103) for shotgun certificates can be obtained from your local police station or downloaded of the internet. See here. An application form (COER 1A) for a black power licenses can obtained from you local police firearms dept. or downloaded from the internet. See here. We can provide advice on completing these forms if required.