Dear all, it’s been an interesting year. Detling Military Odyssey and the Ramblin Man fair being real highlights. We are invited back to both next year.

In the mean time we have added a couple of interesting artefacts you can see on our new page, which are visitable in the Harrisburg state museum.

Take a look.. one is the flag for the Pennsylvania Reserves division, that the Bucktails were part of, under for General Meade for many battles until his promotion to army commander famously at Gettysburg. The other a sword for one of our brave officers, killed at Antietam.. (America’s bloodiest day..)

There’s also a new page about the Spencer repeating rifle, issued to the Bucks after Gettysburg.

Our last event of the season is in Brentwood, at the Essex county show on sept 28th and 29th. This will be living history only, and no live firing. An excellent opportunity to see how soldiers of the day lived..see the events page for details.

If you are interested in taking up the rifle next season or taking part in another role see our recruitment section for an FAQ and more information. Now is the time to plan..

Detling 2019